Totem/Architecture – The city of the future?!

As a child, I read a comic book in which an entire village ended up floating in between the clouds.

The idea of this village becoming totally unhinged from the Earth itself and without being tied to a geographical location on a map, fascinated me.

Later on I grew interested in futuristic architecture, as depicted in the original “Blade Runner” movie.

By taking pictures of interesting contemporary buildings and by twisting and manipulating these images, I have created my own style of sci-fi architecture.

There are no people to be seen within these images, as if the City of the Future has no need for humans anymore and exists by itself and for itself.

The City of Today is already turning into a complex growing and ever evolving biomechanoid organism.

In the City of the Future however, computer systems, and by extension Artificial Intelligence, will be built into its very walls and become invisible to the naked eye.

As we ourselves turn into cyborgs we will become first interconnected with our artificially created environment, and eventually even a part of it.

Primitive civilizations left records etched in stone. Our information is, however stored more and more in digital media, or in the best case printed out on biodegradable paper and all of it will disappear as it gets lost or is destroyed.

In this future alien archeologists will have to make due with all the physical evidence we leave behind, to create a picture of who and what we were and how we lived. Our architecture will then be the only thing left to represent us.

Our self-replicating cities, driven by the same materialistic philosophies as their creators, will have spread out not just across our own world, but across other worlds, and in the end even across the vast and in the infinite reaches of the universe itself.

In some of these physical structures inevitable decay will have set in, regardless of their inherent ability for self repair, due to the fundamental and ever present forces of entropy.

By then humanity will have completely disappeared, perhaps reduced to digital carbon-copies and trapped within their own creations. These cities of ours will be empty, but if you put your ear against the walls of any random building, you might still hear faint echoes of who we once were – and will weep at what we have become…





















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