Freud once said: “When you meet a human being, the first distinction you make is ‘male or female’, and you are accustomed too make the distinction with unhesitating certainty.”

We all transform ourselves in one way or another. We often what others to perceive us in a different way. We want to see ourselves in another way. If we don’t like the look of are body, we change it. If we don’t like our face, we put on a mask. And under the surface, we transform our characters to accustom ourselves to the job we want. We try to transform our souls, becoming ghosts of who we were.

Transforming the self is generally accepted, society likes people to fit in. But what if the space to fit in becomes to small?

It is only in the way that we perceive others that we perceive ourselves. There is a whole world outside the box. Transformation is not only a state of mind: It is a state of being.

This project was made in 2006 -2007 with sponsoring from Villanelle.

IMG_1347 copy.jpg

IMG_1438 copy.jpg

IMG_1395 copy.jpg

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